Born in Eastern Europe in 1973 and shaped in Australia from the age of 11, Robert Mihart developed an early love for drawing & design.

Growing up in a frugal home, where you built your own toys or cried without, Robert recognised the immense power and satisfaction that true creativity in all forms can bring.

His belief that no man-made object is ever perfect and everything can be improved on, has allowed him the freedom to design and realise all manner of things: toys, transport, furniture, houses, gardens and most challenging… parenthood.

2014 is the year he celebrates 20 years as a multi-channel brand designer – his core skill set.

He’s been fortunate to work with and win awards for some of Australia’s and Europe’s best known brands, often inventing or revitalising them from the ground up.

Logos, complex visual identities, brand strategies, websites, packaging, interior design, photography – just some of the elements that drive a brand to leave a mark, not a blemish.

A new, long-overdue portfolio will soon be released, showcasing Robert’s breadth and depth of design experience & commitment. Meanwhile, Robert can be contacted in his Adelaide studio.

For your next branding project – coherent across every channel & platform – put MiHART to the test. Close to 100% of our work is won through personal referrals, so amazed, prosperous clients are a business necessity, not a fluffy marketing angle. Confidence that guarantees no impact, no invoice.

  • 163 brandsenergised
  • 147 websitesdesigned
  • 20 yearsexperience
  • 1 designerowner
  • 0 one-timeclients